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Clinical Practice Suite

TransMed’s Clinical Practice Suite includes applications for Clinical Decision Support and Business Intelligence for an oncology practice.

Clinical Decision Support includes a precision medicine report that identifies treatments and outcomes for a cohort of patients similar your specific patients. The cohort is matched by primary site, histology, metastases, stage, gender, and the genomic profile of an excised tumor. Each specific treatment for the cohort includes the patient count, mean survival time, death rate, and any complications associated with the treatment.

Our solution identifies efficacious drugs for your patients specific condition and genomic profile, as well as those that have been administered with no beneficial effects. Drug listings also identify the Gene targeted by the drug.

Clinical Trial Matching support is provided by identifying clinical trials that correspond to your patient’s condition and genomic profile. A count of clinical trials for each driver mutation is listed, with the ability to not only see a summary of the trials but also navigate directly to the detail for a specific trial.