Clinical Trial Sites

Screening for eligible clinical trial patients is a tedious and error-prone process, and clinical research teams can use all the help they can get. Systematic improvements to the patient screening component of the clinical research enrollment process requires a combination of tools, technology, data and implementation best practices. TransMed has developed a new TransMed Trials: Enroll™ technology solution to help Providers address these challenges and to achieve the following improved results:

  • Help treating physicians improve Patient Outcomes
  • Accelerate Patient Enrollment
  • Increase Patient Accrual Rates
  • Open More Of The Right Clinical Trials At Your Site
  • Increase Collaboration With Industry Sponsors And Peers
  • Identify Gaps Between Your Patient Population, Trial Portfolio And Available Trials

Find out more about how the TransMed Trials™ family of oncology clinical trial technology solutions can help Healthcare Providers improve enrollment results.

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