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TransMed Consortium™ - TransMed’s Networked Platform for Accelerating Clinical Trial Recruitment.

Successfully enrolling patients in oncology clinical trials has been historically hampered at both the site and sponsor level. As a result, the pipeline of new drugs and treatments has not been fully optimized. TransMed Systems has developed a unique suite of applications, combined with a nationwide clinical network to enhance successful clinical trial outcomes, ultimately leading to newer and more effective therapies reaching the market.

TransMed Consortium is a clinical oncology research network and technology platform that, along with a suite of TransMed Clinical Trials apps, help CRO’s and their Pharma-Biotech partners to quickly and efficiently determine the maximum number of potential patient's eligible for enrollment in any oncology trial. This is accomplished by evaluating patient’s aggregate healthcare data (e.g., diagnoses, labs, medications, demographics, molecular profiles, etc.) against the inclusion/exclusion criteria for the trial.

The TransMed Consortium suite of Clinical Trials apps are tailored for each of the following key stakeholder roles to more efficiently execute their respective tasks across the Clinical Trials continuum:

  • The oncologist can more easily match individual patients’ eligibility for clinical trials,
  • The Clinical Trial Designer can perform feasibility design and specify the requisite inclusion and exclusion criteria for the trial,
  • The Clinical Trial Coordinator can more efficiently perform site recruitment by viewing eligibility and recruitment status from across all members of the consortium in a de-identified manner,
  • The Site Coordinator can quickly browse an individual patient’s data along with a summary of the number of patients potentially eligible for a trial at each practice.
The resulting benefit is more accurate patient identification and faster patient accrual, reducing recruitment burden, improving clinical trial end points, and significant cost savings.