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Clinical Trial Recruitment

TransMed Consortium™ - TransMed’s Networked Platform for Accelerating Clinical Trial Recruitment.

Successfully enrolling patients in oncology clinical trials has been a historical bottleneck in the drug development process. The most time-consuming element of enrolling patients in clinical trials is matching the clinical and molecular characteristics of patients to the eligibility requirements of the clinical trial. Historically this has been a process of manual chart review to find patients that match the numerous eligibility requirements of a trial. This function often consumes up to eighty percent of the daily work of the clinical trials staff. In community practices that participate in clinical trials, this is often something done in addition to the staff member’s full time job.

As a result of this and other factors, less than five percent of cancer patients participate in clinical trials. TransMed Systems has developed a unique suite of clinical trials support applications designed to automate the vast majority of the process of matching patients to trials leaving a small number of eligibility requirements for the research team to document such as the person’s ability to understand the informed consent process.

The TransMed Consortium is a technology enabled clinical oncology research network that, along with our suite of TransMed Clinical Trials apps, help clinical trial sponsors quickly and efficiently design new trials and accrue patients to their current clinical trials.

The TransMed Consortium suite of Clinical Trials apps supports each of the following members of the clinical trials team:

  • Clinical Trial Designers are able to determine if the study requirements in their draft design are likely to match study accrual targets by accessing the TransMed Consortium aggregated data to see how many patients match the eligibility requirement’s design of the new trial. This allows sponsors to tweak a trial design prior to incurring the substantial expense of opening a study that cannot be completed in a timely fashion.
  • The Site Coordinator can quickly browse an individual patient’s data (e.g., diagnosis, labs, medications, demographics, molecular profiles, etc.) and evaluate against the inclusion/exclusion criteria for the trial, along with summary population data for patients potentially eligible for a trial at their practice
  • The Oncologist and the Clinical Care Team can more easily determine which of the patients they are seeing are likely eligible for trials.
  • The Sponsor Study Coordinator can more efficiently perform site recruitment by viewing eligibility status from across all members of the Consortium in a de-identified manner to determine which sites to target for their new study based upon real time data to determine the approximate number of potential patient's eligible for enrollment in a trial at each consortium site.

The resulting benefits of the TransMed Clinical Trials Support Suite are:

  • Better study design
  • More efficient clinical trials processes enabled by only opening sites with many eligible patients
  • Faster patient accrual by streamlining the tasks of the clinical research team by eliminating laborious manual matching of patient characteristics to trial eligibility requirements. This frees up clinical staff time to focus on supporting the details of complete and accurate patient accrual.
  • Faster FDA approval
All of these combine for significant sponsor cost savings, more patient participation and faster drug approvals.