Pharma and Contract Research Orgs (CROs)

The Bid solution has been specifically designed to provide CROs with precision data-driven perspectives on sites to help make their RFP responses more powerful and compelling. This is accomplished by providing a standardized set of content for inclusion in the RFP response. What makes TransMed Trials and the Bid solution different is its ability to provide real-world evidence that helps provide accurate valuable insights about a trial to CROs. These data-driven perspectives and insights are produced using TransMed’s proprietary technology, data and tools, combined with a cross-functional team of experts, including professional Bioinformaticists, Data Scientists, Clinical Engagement and Engineering personnel.

  • Quickly identify the number of sites required to carry-out the protocol, including the ability to identify sites with patient populations for indications of interest who are underserved by currently open trials
  • More easily identify a trial feasibility study population based on primary site of disease, histology, molecular diagnostics and prior treatments
  • More quickly identify high-potential sites for a study
  • Increase RFP bid response efficiency
  • Increase accuracy of site forecasting enrollment volume and timelines

Find out more about how our new TransMed Trials: Bid and TransMed Trials: Bid™ oncology clinical research technology solutions can help Contract Research Organizations Win More Studies By Producing More Powerful And Differentiated Proposal. Please contact me.

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