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TransMed Oncology Clinical Practice Suite

Clinical utility of healthcare data relies on the integration, aggregation and personalized analytics on highly complex, disparate, multi-institutional data sources. TransMed provides innovative information at the point of care to support clinician’s treatment decision planning.

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TransMed Precision Medicine Platform

The Precision Medicine Platform is innovative technology that enables TransMed, with minimal cost and minimal resources, to quickly integrate and aggregate all your patient’s data from all your disparate healthcare systems.

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TransMed Bio-Integration Suite (BIS)

TransMed BIS accelerates discovery and translation by increasing researcher’s productivity with an integrated, self-service suite of translational medicine tools that shorten turn-around time and reduce inefficiencies in the translational research workflow

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TransMed Adaptive HUB

TransMed Adaptive HUB minimizes time to value, total cost of ownership and risk traditionally associated with a data warehouse while maximizing its multi-purpose value by serving not only translational medicine; but also quality and operations reporting

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TransMed Clinically Actionable Report Engine (CARE)

TransMed CARE effectively and efficiently translates discoveries arising from basic science, clinical research, clinical trials and population studies into everyday clinical practice through informed decision support.

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TransMed Suite

TransMed Suite is the only fully integrated yet open platform that extends existing healthcare investments to complete the entire translational medicine / continuous learning workflow from data aggregation, to retrospective analysis to prospective clinical application

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