Pharma and Contract Research Orgs (CROs)

Identifying high-potential and reliable Sites at which to open trials is a critical yet arduous task for CROs and Sponsors. And the cost of opening trials at the wrong Sites can be painfully expensive. Leveraging TransMed’s proven technology can be an effective way to mitigate these challenges. TransMed has developed the TransMed Trials: Select™ technology solution to help CROs achieve the following improved results:

  • Improve The Accuracy Of Time Estimations For Patient Enrollment
  • More Easily Identify Sites With Under-Served Patient Populations
  • Quickly Identify The Number Of Sites Required To Carry-Out The Protocol
  • Increase The Accuracy Of Site Forecasting Enrollment Volume And Timelines

Find out more about how our new TransMed Trials: Select™ and TransMed Trials: Bid™ oncology clinical trial technology solutions can help Pharma and Contract Research Organizations improve results.

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